Antonella Calcaterra

Antonella Calcaterra

Antonella graduated from the University of Milan, discussing a thesis on the concurrence of criminal offences. She is registered on the list of lawyers with rights of audience at the Court of Cassation.

Antonella has always worked as a criminal lawyer, specialising in prison law, sentence management and enforcement.

She is also a criminologist, having obtained a Level II Master’s degree in Criminology and Forensic Psychiatric Sciences from the University of Genoa.

She sat on the committee of experts appointed by Minister Orlando to the “General States of Criminal Enforcement”, as a member of table 10, on the subject of “Mental health and illness”. She was appointed by the Minister Cartabia as an expert on the commission for “Innovation of the Prison System” in September 2021, and in November of the same year participated in the “Working Group on legislative proposals to reform the prison system pursuant to Law 134/2021”.

Antonella has acted as an advisor to the National Ombudsman for Prisons and Probation, is a member of the Antigone Regional Observatory in the Lombardy region, and has been a member of the National Prison Observatory of the Union of Criminal Law Chambers. She served on the National Prison Observatory of the Union of Criminal Chambers. She is a member of the CNF (National Bar Council) commission for detainees.

Member of the Council of the Milan Bar Association for the 2023/2027 period, and also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Criminal Law Chamber of Milan.

Expert in Public Law working with Professor Davide Galliani at the University of Milan.

Antonella has supervised the training of many lawyers and judges working in criminal law, particularly with regard to the management of psychiatric patients in the criminal justice system, and has written several papers on the subject.

Piazzale Principessa Clotilde 8, 20121 Milano (MI)
+39 02 55195381


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