Gabriele Conte

Gabriele Conte

He graduated in law from the State University of Milan, with a thesis on penitentiary law entitled “Theatre in prison as a re-educational and re-socialising tool” and, for over 10 years, has been working with Iusway, law firm formerly “Pensa – Rossi Galante – Boccardi – Papa Avv. Associati”.

He works exclusively in the field of criminal law with particular regard to corporate offences, so-called “street” offences, offences for the protection of vulnerable persons and legislation pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001; with reference to the latter, in 2019 he took part in the advanced training course “The responsibility for offences of collective entities pursuant to Legisla-tive Decree 231/2001” at the State University of Milan.

He offers assistance both in and out of court.

Viale Monte Nero, 72 - 20135 Milano
+39 02 55195381


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