Paola Boccardi

Paola Boccardi

Graduated in Law at the University of Milan, with a thesis on the extraordinary administration of large companies in crisis, she obtained the title of lawyer and cashier, carrying out her activity ex-clusively in criminal law.

For over thirty years, she has been assisting both individuals and legal entities, offering them ad-vice, expertise and defensive strategies, representing them both in and out of court.

Crimes against public administration, bankruptcy and tax law, culpable offences, with particular regard to medical professional liability and accidents at work, construction criminal law, juvenile and family criminal law, are the main areas of activity.

A speaker at numerous conferences for the training of lawyers and in specialist training courses, she has organised and coordinated for fifteen years the qualification courses for juvenile criminal defence at the Coa in Milan.

In addition to her legal activities, she has been working in the institutional field for many years, first as a councillor, then as Vice President of the Milan Bar Association. Currently she is a Member of “Delegati Cassa Forense” committee and of the scientific committee of “Camera Penale”.

Viale Monte Nero, 72 - 20135 Milano
+39 02 55195381


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