IUSWAY is a law firm focused on criminal law.

Our approach is based on a deep knowledge of the law, the path on which we have built our history.

Legal activity is both judicial and out of court and takes place throughout the country and abroad. In addition to traditional assistance in criminal matters, there is also defence before the tax courts.

Willingness to understand and investigate the individual case
In-depth knowledge of case-law and continuous study and updating
Maximum reliability and protection
Full agreement on defence strategy addressed with transparency and clarity
Full handling of all legal aspects

Corporate criminal law

We protect the interests of natural and legal persons in trial and out-of-court proceedings. We ensure [...]

Medical Criminal Liability

Study of regulatory changes, evaluation of the individual case, discussion with specialists in the medical field [...]

Tax Litigation

Iusway offers assistance to the taxpayer who wishes to protect himself or herself before the taxing acts of [...]

Criminal Construction Law

Land protection regulations and the procedures designed to ensure their effectiveness are matters that [...]

Banking and Financial Markets Criminal Law

Iusway makes itself available to lending institutions, banking officials, financial operators and listed companies [...]

Liability of companies and entities under L.d. 231/01

On the strength of its profound experience, Studio Iusway serves companies and entities for assistance and [...]

Criminal Law Information and Information Technology

Over the years, Iusway has always paid attention to developments in the legal framework that have [...]

Prison Law

Iusway also assists people in the execution phase of the sentence that is imposed at the end of the process [...]

Restorative Justice

The firm offers expert guidance and specialized legal support in justice pathways [...]

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