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IUSWAY provides legal representation in connection with alternative sentences, offering specific advice in this area and providing clients with thorough and competent support.

With reference to the system of punishments and enforcement, the recent Cartabia Reforms have revolutionised the system of alternatives to short-term custodial sentences; although these alternatives were introduced in Law 689/1981, in practice they were largely disapplied. The reforms to Article 20-bis of the Penal Code thus introduced a series of alternative punishments, such as fines, ‘open’ prison conditions, house arrest or community service. These types of measures support the transition out of the criminal justice system and are seen as rehabilitation pathways that meet the needs and requirements of the individual offender by allowing them a degree of freedom. This type of alternative punishment is now widely considered by the courts at the sentencing stage. The concrete application and organisation of these measures give an active role to the defence lawyer, as the person with close knowledge of the client.

It is our job to provide the judges with the information they need when deciding on the judgment and the type of sentence to apply in each case.

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