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Criminal Law in Banking and Financial Markets: the skills of lawyers

Iusway is at the disposal of credit institutions, bank officers, financial operators and listed companies to provide legal assistance in matters of Banking and Financial Markets Criminal Law. The firm’s contribution includes both advice and assistance in and out of court. The team provided support in cases of national relevance, drawing on its experience and continuous training in the discipline.

Advice and assistance for banking and financial crimes

From financial abuse to wire fraud

Over the years, the firm has been able to consolidate its legal expertise in assisting those accused of banking and financial crimes. The team protected the interests of natural or legal persons accused of wrongdoing with a direct or indirect impact on the economy, public and private finance, and national and international stock markets. The firm does not limit itself to legal defence before national courts, but also advises and consults with foreign authorities and lawyers in order to define a viable strategy in the case of charges prepared by international and supranational judicial bodies.

Abusive exercise of financial activity, obstructing the supervisory functions of the Bank of Italy and Consob, irregular purchase of shares, speculative manoeuvres on goods, fraud, swindling and aggravated swindling to obtain

public funds: these are the most common banking and financial crimes. However, with the spread of digital technologies and the web, much has changed with regard to the manner of criminal conduct. Iusway is constantly updated to provide assistance in the event of charges due to conduct carried out electronically.

Banking and financial crimes: updating and cooperation

Banking and Financial Markets Criminal Law in Italy and abroad

Defending clients and advising them on criminal conduct in banking and finance

requires a thorough knowledge of constantly evolving legislation in Italy, abroad and at supranational level. Iusway works with international professionals and firms to ensure a defence strategy that takes into account the legal implications on multiple levels.


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