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Construction Criminal Law: assistance for construction companies and local authorities

Iusway has provided legal assistance to construction companies and public or private entities involved in criminal proceedings for violations of Presidential Decree 380/2001 (Consolidated Law on construction laws and regulations). The team is at your service from the first consultation until the end of all court phases.

The Consolidated Law on Construction and punishable conducts

Non-conformities, permits and squatting: the normalisation of structures and building work

Presidential Decree 380/2001 is the Consolidated Act with which the legislator reorganised the building regulations in the field of criminal law. The text of the law has the merit of simplifying the bureaucratic procedures for obtaining permits and placing greater emphasis on the supervision of works in order to repress offences. In other words, while streamlining procedures for the construction company, controls and the severity of administrative and criminal sanctions are increasing.

The offences envisaged by Presidential Decree 380/2001 are: partial or total non-conformity and essential variation; carrying out works in the absence of a building permit; carrying out works in total non-conformity

with the building permit; continuing works despite the order to suspend them; unlawful allotment of land for building purposes; unlawful interventions in restricted areas. The penalties for these offences range from fines to imprisonment and seizure of the property. Iusway is at your disposal to protect your interests in and out of court. The aim is to build an effective defence for each specific case.

Assistance and charges for construction offences

Study and assistance from evidentiary seizure to cassation

The firm offers advice aimed at preventing criminal offences in the field of construction law. Similarly, it protects the client’s interest in the various levels of court and in the interlocutory phase. In particular, it assists with the authorities’ use of the seizure instrument.


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