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Corporate Criminal Law

The Iusway Law Firm protects the interests of natural and legal persons in court and out of court. It ensures effective preventive assistance to avoid any criminal implications.

The law firm and services for companies and professionals

Assistance with advice, judicial or out-of-court representation

Assistance in Corporate Criminal Law is aimed at protecting the interests of companies and professionals both in preventive and procedural terms.

There are several types of offence covered by business regulations. In the face of such heterogeneity, prior legal advice is a guarantee for the regularity of corporate, economic or financial transactions. Specifically, the firm assists the client in defining planning aimed at avoiding criminal implications.

The team of specialists in Corporate Criminal Law

Legal defence in national, international and European forums

Experience, training and constant updating are the pillars on which the advice and assistance service in Corporate Criminal Law is based. Thanks to the synergetic work of experienced lawyers, the firm is able to guarantee its support in the courts within national borders, as well as before international and EU courts. Consolidated Italian companies and emerging businesses, multinational groups and professionals: our clients belong to different realities, but are aware of the importance of the legal aspects of their managerial choices.


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