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Criminal Bankruptcy Law

Experience, careful study of the case, judicial and extrajudicial assistance: Iusway is at the service of entrepreneurs and administrators to offer legal support in Criminal Bankruptcy Law. The team of lawyers has a strong background in handling simple, fraudulent and improper bankruptcy trials as well as ‘atypical’ bankruptcy offences.

Business failure: 'atypical' and bankruptcy offences

From advice to defence in the precautionary and procedural stages

Studio Iusway is well established in the field of criminal assistance. In the event of bankruptcy, the offences that can be charged to the entrepreneur, the directors or third parties include bankruptcy proper (documentary, distractive, preferential) and bankruptcy improper, in simple or fraudulent form. In addition, there are so-called ‘atypical’ offences, ranging from failure to submit a list of bill protests to misappropriation of assets without the bankrupt’s involvement.

The legal team in charge of defending the accused takes care of their interests at all stages

of the proceedings, from the declaration of bankruptcy and preliminary investigations to the subsequent levels of ruling. In addition, the firm provides assistance in connection with any precautionary measures taken by the judicial authorities. For instance, in case of seizure or confiscation of the price or profit of the offence. Equally important is the commitment that lawyers make in the preventive counselling phase in order to make clear to the client what conduct may have criminal implications before, during and after the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings.

Bankruptcy penalties and defence strategy

Advice and knowledge of the stages of the criminal bankruptcy process

Over the years, Iusway has assisted bankrupt individuals before Courts and Tribunals throughout the country.

The experience gained is a guarantee for the suspect and the defendant, who risk prison sentences and business disqualification for these types of offences. From the first consultation up to the Court of Cassation, the team works with the client to clarify the risks associated with criminal charges and to define an effective and informed defence strategy.


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