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The law and technological evolution: Criminal law of information and computer science

Over the years, Iusway has always paid attention to developments in the regulatory framework that have sought to fill gaps in codes in the face of new technological developments. The firm has invested significant resources in learning the skills necessary to defend the interests of clients accused of cybercrime or those who have been victims of crimes committed via the web.

Computer crimes and offences committed by means of computer equipment

Protection of the interests of companies, entities and individuals

Advising on computer-related criminal law means combining technical expertise with knowledge of constantly evolving legislation and case law. The rules provide for both computer offences and offences committed by computer. The first category includes unauthorised access to computer systems, computer forgery, computer and telematic eavesdropping, dissemination of viruses and unauthorised possession of passwords. The latter includes all criminal conduct (from phishing and computer fraud to paedophilia) using different digital technologies.

Iusway’s service addresses the needs of companies and organisations that want to adapt their computerised processes in accordance with current regulations. Every telematic procedure must fall within the boundaries of the law, but often, through malice or negligence, the rules governing lawful conduct are ignored. Legal advice is therefore aimed at highlighting the implications of different IT activities and protecting the organisation from possible legal proceedings.

In the case of investigations or charges, the firm is at the client’s disposal for the defence of criminal cases at all stages of the proceedings.

IT professionals and legal strategies

IT, the defence and the prosecution in court

Collaboration with professionals results in a service that is aware of the main technical and legal issues in the field of IT criminal law. The legal team works closely with the technicians to get into the details of the computerised processes. A multidisciplinary comparison is essential in order to be fully aware of an entity that is still largely unexplored from the point of view of its criminal implications and that offers the possibility of building innovative defensive or accusatory strategies.

Defence in criminal information law

From defamation via the Internet to defamation via the press, the firm has a wealth of experience and offers its assistance to suspects and injured parties both in and out of court.

The protection then extends to the right to be forgotten and the right to obtain the obscuration and deletion of all publications that are harmful to the client.


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