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Criminal Law of Labour, the protection of enterprises, their representatives and the offended party

From health and safety violations to compensation for occupational injuries and diseases, Iusway offers its contribution for all parties involved in proceedings for breach of Criminal Labour Law. In addition, it has the expertise to advise on business organisation.

Offences at work and legal advice

A multidisciplinary attitude and confrontation with professionals

Criminal Employment Law identifies a wide range of offences that may give rise to charges against the company and itsmanagers.

The work of the legal team is crucial in defending the interests of the parties involved in court proceedings as well as in the out-of-court or advisory phase.

For certain aspects of the legislation, which imply skills other than legal ones, Iusway, with its many years of experience, works with technical consultants with proven experience and skills in the medical, engineering and architectural fields.

Consultancy and safety at work

Procedures, delegations, responsibilities and business protection

The regulations governing safety in the workplace include not only Legislative Decree 81/08 (the so-called Consolidated Work Safety Act), but also a wide range of laws, agreements between the State and the Regions and codes. Legal advice is indispensable to clarify the heterogeneous legal framework. In particular, Iusway is at the service of companies to offer its opinion on the suitability of the procedures used, for clarifications on the delegation of functions and the consequent exclusion or division of responsibility.


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