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Study and assistance in Criminal Law of Public Administration

We provide legal assistance to individuals and public officials charged with offences against the Public Administration (PA). With its solid experience and constant updating, the team makes a decisive contribution. From bribery and corruption trials to contempt of court proceedings, the firm has handled proceedings of national and international significance over the years.

Offences attributable to private individuals and public officials

Crimes against the Public Administration and the contribution of the law firm

Crimes against the PA undermine the principles on which the Constitution is based by compromising, de facto, the regularity and impartiality of public bodies and their representatives. The firm has well-established expertise in the defence of suspects and defendants both as private individuals and as public officials.

Abuse of a profession, contempt, resistance and corruption of public officials, trafficking in unlawful influence, usurpation of public functions: all Iusway professionals have a solid background in assisting with any type of offence against the Public Administration.

From abuse of office to bribery, from embezzlement to corruption, the team analyses the case and defines the most appropriate defence strategy, sharing the line of defence with the client.

Legal advice is aimed at offering a preliminary assessment of the legal framework in which the case is placed, anticipating what the possible procedural developments might be so that the client can make an informed and properly supported choice of defence.

Updates on Criminal Law in Public Administration

Legal assistance and case analysis for offences against the PA

Defending a client for offences against the Public Administration requires careful study of the case, the charges and the legislative and jurisprudential developments. The Iusway law firm ensures that the legal framework at national and supranational level is constantly updated.


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