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Legal Assistance and Criminal Law on Industrial and Intellectual Property

Counterfeiting, alteration or use of trademarks, distinctive signs, patents, designs and models; publication of other people’s intellectual work; trade in products with false distinctive signs: these are just some of the offences identified by the Criminal Law on Industrial and Intellectual Property. Iusway offers assistance both to suspects or defendants in legal proceedings and to injured parties.

Registration of intellectual and industrial property rights

Assistance of companies before national and supranational courts

Over the years, the firm has provided advice as well as legal assistance in and out of court for the defence of intellectual and industrial property in criminal matters.

Businesses, professionals, rightful owners of intellectual works: the legal contribution starts from the stage of registration of rights. Over time, the interests of national and international clients were protected. Skills include in-depth knowledge of the rules on: trademarks (UIBM, EUIPO and WIPO), patents, designs registered in national and EU fora, copyright and economic exploitation rights, non-titled rights (DOC, DOP, DOCG).

The firm’s services are aimed at defending persons accused in criminal proceedings of infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights as well as parties injured by such offences.

Intellectual and industrial property: comparison and standards

The strategy for defending rights at the arbitration or trial stage

Ensuring the defence of intellectual and industrial property rights is a complex matter.

From the very first consultation, the Iusway team tries to frame the specific circumstance from a regulatory point of view. The firm consults with Italian and European professionals to evaluate similar cases and define the strategy aimed at protecting the client’s interests in court.


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