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Criminal Tax and Customs Law: Decriminalisation and International Standards

From tax evasion to smuggling, Iusway has a comprehensive knowledge of Criminal Tax and Customs Law. The firm advises and assists natural and legal persons at all stages from the definition of business conduct to arbitration and defence in court. The team pays attention to the differences between national and international regulatory frameworks and keeps abreast of regulatory developments.

An ever-changing regulatory framework

From tax evasion to smuggling

The Italian Criminal Code and international regulations on Tax and Customs Law are constantly evolving. New offences, decriminalisation, constantly evolving legislation to cope with changes in illegal conduct. In order to be able to make a competent contribution with regard to both legislative changes and case law, constant and continuous updating is necessary. Iusway has an excellent track record in this area, having assisted professionals and large companies in multiple tax and customs offence proceedings.

Daily work and study form the basis of a professional background that enables us to make a valuable contribution to protecting our clients’ interests. The legal team is available for defence in the event of investigations or charges for fraudulent and untrue declarations, tax evasion, failure to declare income or VAT,

customs disputes, counterfeiting and smuggling, concealment or destruction of accounting documents and all other offences for breach of tax and customs rules. Lawyers are immediately available for an initial consultation aimed at defining the legal boundaries of the specific case.

Tax and customs advice

Cooperation with administrative managers

While judicial and out-of-court assistance is the specific responsibility of the lawyer, Iusway offers its expertise in consulting in conjunction with the administrative offices and

professionals working with the company. The team is responsible for highlighting criminal conduct in strategic planning so that informed, risk-aware choices can be made. By contacting the firm, you can make an appointment for an initial discussion.


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