IUSWAY also represents clients after the judgment is given, whether they are sent to prison or released.

The team works with the post-sentencing supervisors to ensure that the custodial sentence results in an effective plan for the rehabilitation of the offender. A key part of this work involves studying alternatives to custodial sentencing. IUSWAY deals with both the application for these alternative measures, and their enforcement.

USWAY represents prisoners and detainees, with a particular focus on protecting the rights and dignity of any individual deprived of their freedom.

Legal assistance for vulnerable offenders

The firm specialises in the management of offenders with mental health conditions or addictions, and of vulnerable individuals within the criminal justice system. In particular, IUSWAY works with local authorities and health services to find alternatives to custodial sentencing, in accordance with the Italian Prison Rules and Penal Code.

The team also works closely with mental health departments and forensic teams to develop security measures that meet the needs of offenders with mental health conditions.


The Cartabia Reforms


Italian Legislative Decree No. 150 of 20 October 2022 Italian Legislative Decree No. 150 of 20 October 2022, better known as the Cartabia Reforms, introduced a series of reforms to the trial process and the procedural system.

The aim was to fully implement the principles of the Italian Constitution, the EU and relevant conventions in order to reduce the average length of the three-stage criminal process by 25%, by the end of 2026. The reform measures, to which Antonella Calcaterra contributed as a member of the Ministerial working groups, covered the whole of the criminal justice process but also touched on substantive criminal law. Several new provisions and amendments have now been introduced to the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the principal complementary laws.


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