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Environmental Criminal Law, assistance to entities and individuals

From pollution to environmental disaster, Iusway has closely followed the developments in Environmental Criminal Law that have most frequently concerned the legislature in recent years. The firm provides assistance to natural persons for whom proceedings are in progress as well as to entities that may be implicated for administrative liability.

Criminal law on environmental protection

Confrontation with technicians, legal assistance, depletion of natural resources

Environmental law has had important developments over the years. Particularly relevant is Law No. 68 of 2015 designed to prevent and criminally punish conduct that causes significant deterioration of natural resources. Environmental crimes include environmental pollution, environmental disaster, trafficking and abandonment of radioactive material, obstruction of control, failure to clean up.

The firm has long been involved in Environmental Criminal Law, following companies with preventive consultations, during investigations by the authorities, and in the various judicial phases that follow.

It ensures the most appropriate legal assistance to suspects and defendants before the courts. During the various stages, lawyers discuss and share assessments with technical consultants (geologists, agronomists and other professionals), and the synergy between the different technical skills ensures the provision of an informed and competent defence.

Advising companies on environmental damage

Business strategies in compliance with environmental protection regulations

Given the current proliferation of regulations on the subject, the activities of businesses must be

extremely careful to respect the constraints that protect the territory and its resources. Despite recent case law, there is no lack of court decisions that can point the way on risky conduct. Our legal team is at the side of companies to offer advice that measures the risk of wrongdoing.


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