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Juvenile and Family Criminal Law, between norm and legal sensitivity

Iusway offers legal assistance in the field of Juvenile and Family Criminal Law. In particular, the firm assists in the defence of minors involved in legal proceedings, in the protection of injured parties and in the defence of suspects or defendants in criminal proceedings following unlawful conduct within the family. The staff work together with psychologists and experienced professionals to provide informed protection that is always in the best interests of the child.

Crimes against the family

Defence of offenders and those accused of illegal family conduct

Iusway provides valuable and experienced professional input in all family crime proceedings. In particular, the Iusway team has developed extensive professional experience in defending individuals involved, as offended or accused persons, in family crime proceedings.

From crimes of failure to provide family assistance or malicious failure to enforce court orders, to crimes of stalking, mistreatment, or crimes concerning sexuality: the firm has many years of experience and supports its clients from the drafting of the complaint or the first accusations.

Particular and expert attention is paid to proceedings involving minors both as offenders in family or pseudo-family crimes and as defendants themselves in criminal proceedings before the Juvenile Court.

The lawyers develop the defence, both in discussion with the client and with the multidisciplinary specialist support of technical consultants and developmental specialists, in order to identify the most appropriate defence strategy for the case.

Defence of the accused minor before the Juvenile Court

The firm has thirty years’ experience in defending minors accused of crimes and assisting them before the Juvenile Court.

The accused child’s defence is based not only on an analysis of the conduct at issue, but also on an assessment of the child’s needs, taking due account of the child’s evolving personality and educational and personal development needs.

In criminal proceedings against juveniles, the firm offers its expertise and legal support in identifying the most appropriate defensive strategy, aimed wherever possible at getting the child out of the criminal circuit without the experience of trial prejudicing its future.

Together with the young defendant and, where possible, with the help of the family, the possibility of obtaining acquittals due to the irrelevance of the fact, immaturity or the favourable outcome of the probation of the child is assessed, or where this is not possible to obtain all the benefits typical of juvenile proceedings.

The same attention is paid to minors who are victims of crimes committed by defendants who are either minors or adults, and who need to be supported in filing a complaint and in the subsequent stages of proceedings.


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