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Medical criminal liability of health professionals

Study of regulatory changes, assessment of individual cases, discussion with medical specialists: these are the cornerstones of the legal assistance service for medical professional liability proceedings in criminal matters. For years, Iusway has been making itself available to hospitals and healthcare professionals to defend themselves before judicial authorities throughout the country. The service is aimed at protecting the interests of the parties at all stages of the process.

The Gelli law and the criminal liability of doctors

Legal aid for medical staff and victims of malpractice

In recent decades, there has been a growing number of indictments of medical staff accused of culpable conduct resulting in patient injury or death. The legislator has tried to clarify this on several occasions. According to the 2017 Gelli law, such conduct gives rise to criminal liability if the event occurred due to malpractice. However, punishability is excluded if the recommendations set out in the guidelines or (where these have not been defined) in good clinical practice are complied with. In order to ensure an adequate legal assistance service, it is therefore necessary to be familiar with the regulatory provisions in detail as well as with the medical procedures published under the law.

Iusway remains constantly updated and approaches the specific case on the basis of a detailed study of the circumstance.

Such attention is also paid to injured parties seeking compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, biological, moral, existential and loss of earnings. Again, the lawyers are committed from the first consultation until the court cases.

Medical liability and legal aid

Assistance to health institutions from investigation to cassation

Healthcare malpractice, medical error, medical malpractice, medical liability: Iusway assists healthcare staff and institutions from the investigation stages set up by the investigating authorities to the defence in the three levels

of court. The firm works in synergy with specialist medical consultants to clarify the risks and legal implications of different defence strategies. The team is available for an initial consultation during which the case will be analysed.


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