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Offences against the person and against property

Iusway makes experience one of its main features. In the years of work dedicated to the study of cases and legal activity in court lies the established expertise in crimes against the person and property. Lawyers are at the service of the defence and of the offended party to look after their interests in the courts, right from the stage when the crime emerges.

Case study and assistance to the defendant

The rights of the accused for offences against property and the person

From charges in flagrante delicto to those supported by circumstantial evidence, the defence of suspects and defendants is based on a thorough analysis of the case. The legal team discusses with the client in order to offer clarifications on the alleged offences, on the circumstances that mitigate or aggravate the case, and on all the most functional defensive strategies. The firm is available for defence at all levels of court. In addition, it follows the client throughout the judicial process for possible appeals, to protect their interests while cooperating with the investigators as well as to make requests to the authorities while in custody.

The team of lawyers has a solid background in legal work aimed at protecting the rights of the accused at the trial stage.

Over the years, he has been able to assist in several cases of crimes against property, against life and individual safety, against motherhood, against honour, against individual freedom. It is precisely this expertise that guarantees expert management during the process. The lawyers strive to offer competent and careful legal defence, suggesting to the client the most advantageous choice of procedure on a case-by-case basis.

Civil parties in criminal proceedings

Civil plaintiffs' arguments before the judge, the prosecutor and the defence

If the defence of suspects and defendants is a frequent activity, the protection of the interests of those who intend to bring civil legal action is just as accurate.

Such a constitution is essential in order to claim compensation for damages resulting from the offence and to be an active ‘party’ in the criminal proceedings. The civil party may, in fact, assert its “reasons” and bring documentary and testimonial evidence to the attention of the Court.


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