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Offences committed by individuals and the liability of companies and bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01

On the strength of its in-depth experience, Studio Iusway is at the service of companies and entities for assistance and advice on the rules contained in Legislative Decree 231/01. Lawyers are available to defend the organization against liability arising from the criminal conduct of individuals within the organization who have acted in the interest or to the advantage of the organization.

Entities and administrative liability for criminal conduct

The responsibilities of the entity, legal assistance and the Management and Control Model

Legislative Decree 231/01 introduced into the legal system the liability of entities for administrative offences dependent on a crime.

A prerequisite for the entity to be implicated is that the manager or one of his subordinates has acted to the advantage or in the interest of the entity. The addressees of the rule are private legal persons (e.g. foundations) as well as companies, associations, committees, de facto companies and economic public bodies.

The Iusway team offers assistance in and out of court. In addition, it guarantees its support in the consultancy phase to prevent

the company from being accused of administrative responsibilities with the consequent sanctions provided for in Legislative Decree 231/01.

In fact, the adoption of an adequate management and control model is an exemption under Article 6 of Legislative Decree 231/01.

Lawyers are available for drafting a suitable model, as well as for checking and adapting an existing model.

Offences and liability of the entity

From the first consultation to the adoption of the Management and Control Model

From the most common offences against the public administration to simple criminal association or mafia association, the range of offences

relevant to the administrative liability of organisations is broad, heterogeneous and constantly evolving.

This is enough to underline the importance of the Management and Control Model for the protection of the company, its management and its shareholders.

Iusway offers an attentive contribution to the specific needs of the client right from the first consultation. The aim is to adopt all procedures that protect the company from possible criminal conduct.


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