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Taxpayer legal assistance in taxation, audits and litigation.

Iusway offers assistance to taxpayers who wish to protect themselves against taxation acts of the Offices, from the tax assessment report to the notice of assessment, up to the possible collection.

The technical assistance of the taxpayer

is crucial from the outset in order to protect his rights and guarantees.

Iusway follows its clients from the very first consultation in order to identify the elements that allow them to optimistically look forward to a possible appeal to the competent Tax Commission or to a valid agreement with the Office.

In the event of an unsatisfactory result, it remains available to proceed with an appeal to the Regional Tax Commission, up to an eventual appeal to the Supreme Court, where Iusway assists its clients even in the increasingly frequent case of an appeal by the Office.

Advice and opening of tax litigation

The experience of the study on the acts of the financial administration

The firm guarantees a professional contribution from the first consultation. It is, in fact, from the discussion with lawyers and the verification of the specific case that it is already possible to identify the deadlines for successfully challenging the acts of the financial administration. Iusway can boast years of expertise and

professionals who remain constantly up-to-date on tax disputes.


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